Winemarket is an importer of wines to the Swedish market.

We want to give wine consumers products that we believe in and know our customers will love. Our portfolio consists of everything from good choice everyday wines, to premium wines for that special moment in life. What our wines all have in common is quality (wines for the price point) and that they are wines that are in demand.

We are entrepreneurs and our path from though to action is never long. Sustainability is a top priority and we aim to be the best possible sustainability choice for the customer.

Who are you?

Are you a producer of wine who both want to achieve your vision as well as meeting market demand? Do you have high set sustainability standards? If this is you, and if you have a product that you know we would love, please drop us a line! We’d love a chat!

Winemarket in short

  • distribution of our wines in the monopoly stores nationwide
  • a skilled product team with extensive experience of the monopoly tender process
  • strong and coherent market communication with well established communication channels
  • support from a knowledgeable and experienced on-trade sales team nationwide
  • efficient and reliable logistics striving for climate neutral transports
  • passionate and interested Winemarket followers with love of good wine


The Winemarket team